Goals for 2010

Most people make resolutions for the new year.  I don’t do that; instead I am setting goals.  Maybe it’s the same thing; maybe not, but that’s what I am going to do.

What are they you ask?  Pretty simple yet pretty meaningful to me.  I wonder how many I will accomplish.  

1.  To start to Journal my journey through grief.  This was at the suggestion of my therapist.  I took it one step further and decided to create a blog.  Why a blog and not just a piece of paper and a pen?  Well my handwriting stinks!   AndI would spend more time worrying about how it looked than what it meant.   And besides, I think that I write better sitting at the keyboard as the words just flow to my finger tips and it just comes out.

2.  To ride in the MS 150 in 2011.  Yes you read that correctly, 2011.  This is a huge goal for me. And to accomplish it, I need to start training now.  My first move is to work on the cardio portion of it.  Thus, I need to get the spin class schedule, make my schedule and get started.  I hope to get to the point that I can move to training with a riding group and getting a bike.

3.  Knit a sweater and wear it.  I can start it; I can rip it out and start again and again and again.  But I have never finished one.  I am going to do it this year. 

4.  Join the Handbell choir at church.  I love music and this is something that I have always had some interest in it.  I can’t wait to make beautiful music and honor my Heavenly Father. 

Just a few goals; all attainable.   And I plan on meeting all of them.

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2 Responses to Goals for 2010

  1. Delia says:

    This blog is a great idea – I’m so proud of you. It will be tough, but you will gain so much by doing it.

  2. mjellis says:

    Great Goals!!! Good luck!

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