It’s South Texas and it’s below freezing.  And it’s supposed to be that way for the next couple of days.  This is just plain strange.  The dogs are going crazy when they go outside because it’s just so cold.  It’s taking an Act of Congress to get them to do their business!!

It’s days like this that Corey and I would light the fireplace, and just watch the flames and enjoy the warmth.  I can’t bear to light it and enjoy it without him.  It just seems so wrong.  And let’s talk about going to bed.   With just one person, the bed is cold.  I could always, when it was cold, guarantee that it would be warm when I went to bed.  Corey usually always retired before I did, so his body heat would warm the bed. I would crawl in bed and put my cold feet on his legs just to annoy him, but to also warm up.   Now, when I move my cold feet over to warm up, he’s not there.  It’s just empty and lonely. 

Sleeping at night has been somewhat hard.  My mind races when I go to bed; I can’t sleep.  The bed is a king and it’s like a canyon on his side of the bed.  Turn off the lights, I stare into the darkness just thinking; remembering, crying.  Asking God why and to please, please send him back to me. 

As each month passes, I get somewhat better.  I remember, and thank God, for the time I had with him.  Corey touched my life and I am never, ever going to forget.  No one with whom he knew will ever forget.

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