I am thankful that it is finally the weekend.  The week was somewhat uneventful, but it was a blah kind of week.  Tuesday was six months, and most of the day passed quietly.  I felt like I was just walking around in a fog.  My mind not focused on work at all.  Though I did get a few things done, I can’t tell you what it was unless I look at my planner.  Tears stayed at bay until I hit my doctor’s office.   I had an appointment with a gastroenterologist for a first consult and just explaining what my issues were, had me crying.  This was a time that I wished that Corey was there with me.  The staff was very sympathetic and working with me to feel at ease with all the issues and letting me know that I would be just fine. 

The rest of the week, was slightly better, but I am still forgetting things.  I totally missed a therapy appointment on Thursday and I really needed to have it.  I just plain forgot it; which is not like me at all.  Luckily, she understood and rescheduled me for next week.  And I have put it in my calendar on my cell phone and planner so that I don’t forget.  

So there’s not really much going on this weekend.  I am having lunch today with my knitting buddy, Mrs M.  I got her hooked on Five Guys.  I need a hamburger fix and that is the place to do it!   After that, I am headed back home.  I need to steam clean the carpet (since one of the dogs is leaving me surprises)  And then off to organize my third bedroom.  It is my goal to convert that third guest room into my craft/lounge room.  My original plan was to take the leather sectional in the living room and put it in that third bedroom.  I think that it would fit but it would be a tight squeeze.  And then I would just get a new sofa and love seat for the living room.  But I think that I have changed my mind on that for now.  Budget is the key and I need to get that set and saving back in place once everything with the estate is cleared.  So my next option that I suddenly thought of was putting in a Papasan Chair

I sat in one and I was looking for comfort while I knit and/or watch TV.   So instead of buying one directly from Pier One, I hit up craigs list and found one that was slightly used and near by my house.   I am going to go over there on Monday evening to look at it and pick it up if I decide to take it.  This is exciting me because I can see my vision developing.   It’s not to say that in the future that I might still get me a new living room set and move the leather one in the room, but for now the Papasan will do the trick and allow me to have comfortable seating to knit, watch tv, blog and not on the bed all the time. 

Otherwise that, all I have is knitting to do this weekend.  Since I had to rip out the second sock, I get to restart that today and hopefully have it finished quickly.  I had hoped to have it done by the time Mom arrived on Monday, but that is not going to be possible since I had to rip all the way out.  Le sigh.  At least I have one sock done and it fits!

Enough for now; I think I will take a mid morning nap before heading out.   🙂

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1 Response to Weekend

  1. Kay Martin says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog Lexie. I admire your honesty. I feel like I know you much better after reading all the entries. I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope writing down these thoughts and feelings helps you to better process your grief. Hugs for you.

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