What do Michael Jackson and I have in common?

..we  have both used Propofol!  Yeah, I had to say that. 

On Tuesday this week, I was scheduled for an Endoscopy.  First one ever.  Nothing like having something put down your throat !  Since 2006 and after having my gallbladder removed, I started experiencing stomach spasms.  These spasms were often debilitating.  They would last anywhere from one minute to five/six minutes.  So painful that I could not get comfortable.  And it really could affect my breathing; causing shortness of breath.    When Corey was alive, I could manage the pain with an anti-spasmodic medicine.  But since his passing, it’s starting to really scare me.  It’s even been happening while I was driving. 

So I decided to do something about it.  I found a really great Gastroenterologist with a fabulous staff.   I had my first appointment with them on the six month anniversary of Corey’s passing.  The staff was compassionate and understood my fears and my tears that day.   They were nothing short of fabulous a week later when I had to have this procedure.  I think I really hyped myself up for nothing.  The only thing that hurt was the IV.  Felt nothing else at all!   I spent a couple hours waiting on the procedure which was easily passed laying on my back watching the little TV above my head.  Yes, each prep room had its own tv and directTV ! 

Somewhere around 11:30 am I was rolled into the procedure room by Dave.  What a nice guy!  He got me all hooked up with all sorts of lovely wires and a bite block!  LOL !  When Dr. Winston arrived, he asked me a couple of questions, and then Dave asked me to rollover to my left side.  I remember being asked to place my left leg back to prevent from rolling over and BAM!  I was out!  I remember NOT.A.Thing!   Best nap I have had in a long time!

Results from this lovely procedure reveals at this time that I have Esophagitis.  Chronic inflammation in the esophagus.  So hopefully with meds I can get this under control.  I believe that there is some association with GERD for this issue.   Keep me in your prayers and hope that I can fix this issue.

The rennovation of my third guest room is underway.   I have been in contact with someone about a Papasan Chair, however, it seems that this is becoming a flakey deal.  So back to the drawing board and Craigslist.   I have found at least on oversized chair and ottoman or a loveseat with a chaise at good prices.  I would really like to have the Chair, but I have yet to hear back.  

I will be painting the room, but not really sure what color.   I just know that this is my first step to change.   I know that Corey would want me to move forward and thus I think he will approve.  

I have had an ok week.  I really missed him badly on Tuesday before the procedure.  I would have rather him be there with me to find out what is wrong and not Mom.  Don’t get me wrong; I love my Mom.  It’s just not the same.   But I know that he was there in spirit. 

I must sign off for now; wishing all ya’ll a Happy Friday and a great weekend!

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