I’ve been slacking

Looking back at my last post, I can tell that I have been slacking on posting.  I have been, I guess, just keeping to myself and my grief.  There has been some good days, some okay days and then there’s the really bad days.  Sometimes I just can’t tell what it is going to be like from day-to-day.

The week after the last post was extremely busy for me; which was probably good since I was an emotional wreck over the weekend and that Monday.  I even went to Handbell Practice crying.  Though, I have to admit, once we got started, I didn’t have time to really think and have the feelings of despair that I had been feeling.  Trying to stay up to speed and not make mistakes makes getting your mind off of things really helps. 

Superbowl weekend was one of those “milestones” for me to get through. It was six years ago, on Superbowl weekend, that Corey went out to meet my family.  It was hard to think about because it was such a happy time.  He had so much fun pulling a fast one over mom and meeting the kids.  But, just thinking about that now puts a smile on my face.   We used to laugh about that weekend all the time.

The Saturday of that weekend led to a rather unusual experience for myself.  I had spent the day working with my friend M, administering the ACT test.  Got home around 330 pm to meet someone who was coming to get an old refrigerator.  After peeling the dogs off of each other, because they were fighting over a bone, I sat down at my computer.  It was quiet in the house.  Nothing going but the refrigerator.  Out of nowhere, Corey’s Grandparent Cuckoo clock that has not worked in over a year, started to tick and cuckooing.  I had not touched it since it quit a year ago.  It just started.   It really freaked me out.   I later found out that later that night, Corey’s brother, J, had the exact same thing happen to him at his house.  It’s now that I truly believe that Corey was there and it was his way to let us know that he was there and with us.  I never, ever, believed in that stuff, and now I do. 

Sunday of the Superbowl was spent with my Brother and his family.  We had a nice lunch at Pappasitos and then headed back their house.   Michael and I worked on my budget and financial plan together.   I love my baby brother; he’s been such a rock for me and his help is invaluable.  I will forever be indebted to him.   With his help, I have a very aggressive plan to pay off the first mortgage of the house, pay of the car note and start saving like a fiend.  I was worried that I was in bad shape and I am not.  What a relief. 

The dogs have been good.  Dusty loves to sleep on the bed with me.  I think he likes the heated mattress cover more than anything.  Lyndsie sleeps in her kennel and snores away.  At times, it is in stereo!

More to come at a later time!!

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