Yet again, I failed to keep posting!

It’s been a while since I posted, yet again.  I really try to post, it’s just that I have been pretty busy lately.  Work, Church, family; it’s all good!

I just spent last week on vacation.  My vacation policy at work is a “use it or lose it” policy, so I used that last week before the end of the fiscal year.  After dropping the dogs off at my parents house, I spent the rest of the week doing “me” things.  Monday was a movie with my friend M.  We went to see “Alice In Wonderland”.  Really good movie.  The graphics was really outstanding and the colors very vivid!   Now I am not a Johnny Depp fan, but really..  he was good!

Tuesday called for the cleaning people to come in and steam clean the carpets, the tile and seal the tile.  This had not been done since we bought the house and really, I don’t think the previous owner EVER sealed the tile.  Tuesday turned cold and rainy, so it was a good day to be stuck inside with wet carpet! LOL

Wednesday started “The” trip!   I did a lovely trip with two friends, Ms M and Ms C.  We did a 2 day, 9 yarn shop, trip through the Hill Country of Texas.  What fun!!  It was so cool to visit all these different local yarn shops and peruse all the great fibers!  I tried to ONLY purchase items that were locally made or not something that I would normally buy at my local yarn shop.  We met many different people and had a super time!   I love, LOVE, spending time with these gals and I know we had a blast.  One of the local places we went to was Old Oaks Ranch in Wimberley.  They had some nice fibers to choose from, but outside, they had some of the loveliest sculptures and animals!  I was able to take a few pictures!

to see more check out the sculpture garden gallery on the Old Oaks Website!

But really, my favorite shop visit was to Comfort, TX and The Tinsmith’s Wife.  What a quaint shop!  They had some of the most loveliest yarns, and the owners dad was there!  He was such a VERY nice man and we enjoyed visiting with him.  I do plan on going back again.  Theres a possibility that they are going to have one of my favorite knitting authors, Wendy Johnson, down for a class and if so, I  AM THERE!   

After getting home, and tripping over the rug that was left in the kitchen from the cleaning, and falling on my hip, elbow and shoulder, I unpacked all the goodies and prepared to go see my oldest nephew who turned 12 on Saturday!  It’s hard to believe that he’s now 12 yrs old.  I remember the day he was born and holding him, screaming his head off.  But he’s turned into a wonderful young man and I can’t wait to watch him grow further in his faith, schooling and life.    I had the opportunity to tell him how much his Uncle Corey loved celebrating his birthday with him.  See, Corey’s birthday was four days after A’s.  So, even though he would tell me how MUCH he did not want a fuss over it or anything, I truly believed that he secretly enjoyed celebrating A’s birthday.  Why?  because those kids would remember that his would be a few days later and they would have a card for him, or a cake or at least sing to him.  That really meant the world to him.   His birthday this year is going to be hard.  It’s on a Wednesday and I will be at work.  I am planning on making his favorite cake, Texas Sheet Cake, and take it to work to share with everyone.  I am even contemplating going to his favorite BBQ restaurant and picking up some meats to share with friends for lunch.   I, selfishly, wish that my family would remember that its his birthday and maybe send me some flowers or something to work.  It would be nice, comforting and I would take some down to the cemetary later that evening.    It’s going to be so very hard to visit knowing that he’s no longer alive.  But he’s an enternal 45 yrs old, the lucky devil. 

I will do my best to post more as time is really starting to free up for me.  Things are slowing down and maybe now I can really concentrate on meeting my goals.  

More to follow!

Much Love


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